Who we are

Customer Service is Paramount.

We can be contacted day or night, and have been... We will not let your customers down. If they need product, we are here to help you get it to them, when they need it. We will do everything we can do to ensure that your customer receives the excellent customer service to which they have become accustomed.

A bit of history

We started LEW in 2005. Our experience up until then was in the steel industry. We understand the manufacturing process: just-in-time deliveries and the fact that you just never ever let a plant go down because of a raw material shortage. We have opened up our warehouse Easter and New Year's Day to make sure a local steel mill didn't 'go down'.

We have not only grown our business in square foot space and staff, but we moved from Simcoe to Delhi in 2007 to a bigger warehousing complex. We can offer more diversified storage here and have the opportunity to expand as required. Several buildings on-site, allow your product to be stored exclusively, separated, according to your specific storage needs.

  • On Line Store order fulfillment.
  • Cross border assistance.
  • Easy Access to Canadian Customers.
  • Seamless transitions of your product from the country of origin to your end customer.

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