Order Fulfillment

Is your online store reaching across the border? Do you need stock in Canada (closer to your customers), saving you freight costs (with duty on bulk shipments instead of individual pieces). Your customers could be getting their internet purchases next day.

We can be your support behind your eStore. Using our simple WMS, you can connect to your inventory via a portal and place orders, accurately and on time. We will ship same day, next day, whatever your customer wants.

Supplying Big Box Stores

Do you have a contract with Costco, and are trying to find a way to fulfill their needs? Whether it be a road show, or perhaps you have negotiated floor space, we have a tested logistics plan and a relationship that ensures your product arrives safe, on time and how they like it. We can also handle returns.

We will help you keep product on their floor.

Industrial warehousing

FTL or LTL raw materials for your Canadian manufacturing customers. We offer our own trucking: Flat Bed, and Dry Van. If you require logistics we can help there too.

We receive shipping containers from all over the world. We have a working relationship, importing, exporting, with CN rail and freight forwarders. We will help you import your product.

Once the product has arrived we will manage your inventory and ensure just in time delivery.


Would a Warehousing Management System - real time inventory reports, help you manage your inventory? Access your inventory or submit orders from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day.

Control over your inventory and real time information is key to your business' success.

We are here to help.

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